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One educational platform, thousands of possibilities

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What is One Planet Club?

Combination of two of the best growing markets

Online education

Either your business and product are on the Internet, or it’s time for you to close down – the new reality is very harsh for most of the world’s inhabitants. Many people were not ready at all.

High-quality online education on popular topics is something you can now make real money on from anywhere in the world, even when everyone is at home or left for another country.

Affiliate programs

Remove the need for direct sales by adding automatic sales funnels (we’ll teach you what it is and how it works) that sell for you. Substitute jars, cereals and cosmetics for highly sought after online courses so you don’t have the need to become a doctor or nutritional consultant like it was in the past.

Add a high % payout

О компании в цифрах

до 79%


32 000

Долларов ежемесячный фонд оплаты труда команды проекта


Поколений партнеров в глубину, с чьих клиентов можно получать %

8 000

Долларов в неделю ограничение по 1 из 12 видов дохода в системе вознаграждения

How we plan to develop partners’ Personal accounts and the business system of One Planet Club

6 year road map


Learn what we believe in to see if you can trust us.

Here are our core values:


We do business legally, honestly, professionally and expect the same from our partners.

Funds are accepted and commissions are paid through regular bank cards, and not in bitcoins in unknown directions, as is often the case. The marketing plan (reward system) is simplified as much as possible in order to remain clear and transparent for each partner – it is easy to understand. Road map for the development of the company has been set for several years ahead, so that you can track the dynamics, checking what was promised and what was done.


We are open to any feedback from our partners

We ask you to feel free to write reviews and constructive comments about our activities, inform us about the materials that you would like to see, ask any questions you have.
We are aware that we are creating this infrastructure for you.
Every month there is a special online meeting of partners with the administration of the company. At this meeting, you can ask any question and get an answer, propose an idea, express your opinion.


We believe that everyone can contribute and make the world a better place

It’s not easy to seriously discuss global warming and the problem of pollution when the most immediate question for a lot of people is how to feed their families, even though those issues affect all of us.
By developing the business and community of One Planet Club, together we are creating more financially successful people and happy families in which adults and children will be able to say: “Yes, I have one life and I will live it to the fullest! But my children and I also only have one planet. Let’s live and treat it like our common home. Because it really is.”
This means that by cooperating with us, you personally will really make this world a better place, while providing for yourself and your family.

Did you recognize yourself and values that are close to you?
Do you want to earn money with a reliable partner?

Join today and start earning tomorrow

Study the information at your own pace, but remember that you only live once and that time waits for no one.

Any questions? Feel free to ask the person who told you the possibility of One Planet Club cooperation with.