How to create an additional or main source of income for yourself and your family in a changed world

with the help of our unique multi-level affiliate program to promote online education, even if you have never had any experience working online and with almost no investments.

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Among many ways to create your own business, there is one that is the most appealing to the regular person who does not have a spare million rubles to start and is tired of working for hire.

One Planet Club makes online education products, promoting online courses through a unique multi-level affiliate program, paying partners a percentage of sales for their recommendations, and giving everyone the opportunity to legally earn online without limiting the total amount of income.

We also have an educational system for partners.

First, a quick overview for those who are exploring the possibilities of affiliate programs for the first time

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Many large companies have their own affiliate programs, paying % to online advertising specialists for bringing them clients. Such specialists are called webmasters, and the model itself is called CPA (cost per action). Successful webmasters learn their craft for years, and in the work process they invest hundreds of thousands of rubles in advertising, taking on the risks that it will not pay off and the advertiser will not pay them their percentage from sales, since clients did not come from advertising.

2. It also happens that one company offers another to exchange mutual advertising on their client bases. This is another kind of affiliate program. Loyalty cards and discount systems can also be included in this category. Everyone knows the names of at least a few popular discount cards. This kind of card gives the buyer discounts at different stores.

3. When this or that opinion leader (for example, an Internet blogger or a psychologist with their own client base) advertises a product for a percentage of sales, this is also called an affiliate program. It's similar to a "refer a friend" program. Although, often payments in such affiliate programs can be received only after the referred client makes their first purchase.

4. Another popular type of affiliate programs is network marketing. It’s when a regular person buys a company's product by themselves, then resells it to their acquaintances, becoming in fact a sales agent, and then teaches it to other people, getting a percentage of their sales. Even though the real secret to success in these companies is investing most of the time in team building, it is often nearly impossible to achieve success if you don’t like the product and are not ready to do the sales yourself.

5. One Planet Club affiliate program. This page is devoted to how our affiliate program works. Let's say right away that this is a hybrid - a combination of elements of different business systems and, in fact, our “know-how”, which combines the advantages of different types of affiliate programs, excluding their disadvantages.
We have online education products and a unique multi-level affiliate program. This is our business know-how - how anyone can earn with us by promoting online education. You could call it a franchise, we named it Business Package.

Since One Planet Club business system includes elements of different systems, it is easy to confuse it with network marketing: here you have a multi-level system of payments to partners instead of the classic two-level one, and a training system for partners with a support system instead of the usual situation when you learn everything by yourself by trial and error. But this is just what we considered the best in network marketing and decided to add to our system. Remaining essentially a producer center for online courses, which, among other things, invites you to become your partner in promoting the created programs.
Students are participants of our online courses. Partners are students with advanced capabilities. Everyone who becomes a partner gets access to classes on a topic of their choice and a set of tools for successful collaboration.

If you like our product - online courses, then feel free to activate the Business Package and get access to them essentially for free. Learn, get results and gladly tell friends and acquaintances, when appropriate, that you have become our Student or Partner.

Start training or cooperation exclusively with spare money without getting into debt or loans. A big plus is that the entry threshold is very low. Of course, it happens that some borrow money to start a business. But then it should be the minimum amount, and the first and immediate goal is to recoup your investments. Remember that all the risks and responsibility for your result lie entirely with you.

To build a larger customer network and make more money, invest 80% to 90% of your time in team building, inviting partners and helping them succeed.

Everyone will develop at a different rate depending on their past life experience, and that's okay. Compare your results today and this week with your results yesterday and last week.

Cooperation with One Planet Club can be easily combined with any other activity. The main thing is to understand why you are becoming a partner of the company, choose the strategy that suits you personally and devote yourself to this business for at least 1 year.

In our opinion, it is better to devote 80% to 90% of the time to team development, 5-10% to constant self-education, and 5-10% of the time to personal product recommendations.

By the way! By inviting people to your team of partners, not only you inform people about the possibility of cooperation, but also direct their attention to the product - online courses. We assure you that someone will refuse the possibility of cooperation, but will be interested in the opportunity to become our Student. Thus, any partner can acquire personal clients even if they have no skills in setting up online advertising. It is enough to share your referral link with those interested.
With sales, which, by the way, the company carries out independently through automatic sales funnels.

Personal recommendations are a way for a partner to quickly earn their first money. Selling by building a team is a way to generate solid income.

You will earn % on two types of sales: online course sales (such as Frank Pucelik’s programs) and business package activations that give you access to our multi-tiered affiliate program, including access to an in-house training and event system (essentially “franchises” acquired by new partners).

Since each Partner is our Student in the first place (and who also invites other students to the classes), you also attract Students by attracting Partners.

We will gradually expand our product line. You, your partners and your clients will like that there are more online courses and you can find high quality training for every taste.
The answer depends on which of the business packages you chose at the start. You will get a detailed answer and a step-by-step plan inside the education system for Partners or from the person who told you about the possibility of cooperation with One Planet Club.

You can start with the DEMO PACKAGE, which costs $0.99, and explore the system before you start.

Since numbers are created by actions, we can only say that the system is built so that any person with good activity can recoup their investments in the first month, and each next month maintain at least the same level of income, while their team grows in the beginning.
No. First of all, we have the main thing - the product. High quality and in real demand. Earnings come from the sales of a specific product, which in itself is needed by people, even if they do not participate in the affiliate program.

In a pyramid scheme, either there is no product at all, or investments are offered as a product at high monthly interest rates, or something is called a product that is actually useless to consumers, for example, some kind of computer program.

The second difference. In a real and reliable company that has been successfully living for decades, the main money comes from returning customers' purchases. Whereas in the financial pyramid there are no repeated purchases of the product, and money only comes from newcomers!

Thus, it is obvious that One Planet Club is a reliable (so called “product”) company that can afford high payout percentages due to the specifics of its product. We have no spending costs for physical production (factory), logistics, warehouses, offline stores.
Traditionally, the best results are achieved by those who need it the most. Namely, three categories of people: 1. Women who need to raise their children. 2. Men who need to provide for their family. 3. People with a big dream, which really sparks them.

What if you don't fit into any of these categories? This means that it is especially important for you to understand your goals, why you are starting this kind of activity. Because the first year will most likely not be an easy walk, although it happens in different ways. Fortunately, in our partner training system, we pay special attention to setting and achieving goals. You will understand what you want, understand yourself better and learn how to achieve your newly set goals.
First, the system is designed so that other partners here are also interested in your success. Therefore, you are supported by mentors and other partners of the company.

Secondly, the company takes over most of the tasks of an ordinary business: lawyers, programmers, financing, accounting, design. You are left with really simple actions that any person can handle with due diligence.

In order for success to come to you as early as possible, the company has created and is developing a training system for partners and a system of events. All this is available to each partner after activating the Business package.

Thirdly, you don't need regular business experience to succeed in our multi-level affiliate program. You also don’t need to have experience in network marketing or affiliate programs. All the necessary skills can be acquired along the way.

What you really need is a strong enough reason to succeed (goal), and willingness to learn and take action.
How to recommend a product so that people buy it? How to create 1000 customers without selling? How to formulate goals so they truly fire you up? How to train your new business partners? How to propose business easily and without imposing to earn money and keep your friends? How to develop leadership skills in yourself and your team partners?

You will find answers to these and many other questions within the training system after activating the Business package.
Many people first try to launch their own online school, online store or other product. After trying it, they realize that it is wiser to find an already developed and promising product ready for promotion, and focus on attracting customers for %, learning how to perform just one action, but doing it well.

Another reason is the lack of spare money to start a regular business. And it is obvious that starting a business online is much more promising than offline. The "entry cost" to a business on an affiliate program is always much lower than the entry cost to a regular business, where you have to create the product yourself.

Some people are not ready to take risks and want to get a ready-made work system immediately with minimal investment. Buying a regular franchise is expensive. And it's guaranteed that the model will work in your city. Therefore, participation in a promising affiliate program is a great alternative.

Some people may try it just to accompany a friend, but realize later that it actually is a very serious and highly profitable type of activity.

By the way, it's a normal situation that you might have heard about One Planet Club in the past, but, for example, now you liked the person who spoke about the possibility of cooperation. They found the words that others did not. You saw a decent person in front of you and decided to try.

People will come the same way to your team - each for different reasons. And this, among other things, is what makes our cooperation with you great.
1. Study the information, figure it out. Right now that is the most important thing. Pay attention to the product (Frank Pucelik's online courses) - how useful you think it is. 2. Avoid advice. Especially from those people who themselves have never been involved in the business of affiliate programs and have never made money online. 3. Make your own decision, weighing whether you should give yourself a chance and try. If your answer is YES, then activate the Business package, get access to the training system for partners and the classes of Frank Pucelik. Take action. 4. Remember, you can always start with the $0.99 Demo Package to get a better understanding of the system.

And now information for those
who already have something to compare with.

"Show me at least one normal project
with a cool product "- here it is.

Enjoy the 12 benefits of One Planet Club

Why this is the best offer for those who want to create a long-term growing source of income with the ability to do business from anywhere in the world with nice people.

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Do simple actions and earn $1000+ of additional online income per month

Following the recommendations of the partner training system, you can earn from hundreds to thousands of dollars per month, even if you have never had any experience with affiliate programs.

Use the product yourself

Learn, get results, and see for yourself how useful our online courses are. One of the best coaches in the world will share their knowledge and skills with you and help make your life better.

Invite active people to the team, support them

Why recommend online courses alone when you can grow a team, increase your income and gain the freedom to do business from anywhere in the world?

Invite partners to the team, support them, help them get their own results. We will tell you the secrets and give recommendations on how to do it more successfully.

Recommend the product to at least 1 person per month

You can set up ad targeting on our automatic sales funnels and bring hundreds of personal clients per month, getting your reward %. But, if you are developing a team, then it is enough to recommend online courses to at least one new client per month. Everyone will agree that anyone can do it.

Set an example for your partners to do the same, and you will be very happy with your financial result.

Frank Pucelik

World renowned trainer with hundreds of thousands of positive reviews

He is 75 years old, 45 years of which he has been teaching his training programs. His methods have been tested by hundreds of thousands of participants from the CIS, Europe and Asia

In the 1970s, he created such a strong rehabilitation program for adolescent drug addicts that it became one of the most effective in the entire history of the United States and got recognized by the government. It also won a federal competition in the Russian Federation in 2010.

He spent a year in the jungles of Vietnam as a military doctor, and, since 2014, has trained over 8,000 psychologists to work with combat veterans who have saved thousands of lives. Known as one of the three creators of the world-wide NLP system.

Online for the first time since 1970s

It has become popular on the Internet to declare that this or that young coach has finally found the “secret of success”, which they will surely share with the participants in his classes. Let's leave that without comment.

Frank Pucelik is a coach in a completely different league. His knowledge and skills have been tested and proven by the results of hundreds of thousands of students since the 1970s. In his life, he has already founded the world famous NLP system. For a year he served as a doctor in Vietnam and created one of the world's most effective rehabilitation programs for drug addicted youth.

Since the 1970s, Frank has been teaching his classes exclusively offline in full-time format. Now with One Planet Club, for the first time and on exclusive terms, a line of programs is being created with adaptation for online and specific areas of life: parenting, career and business, relationships, and others.

These programs are based on the basic NLP skills that Frank has been teaching for more than 45 years on his legendary NLP program, which lasts for 12 days in an offline format and costs an average of $1,500, excluding flights, room and board expenses.

We can say with confidence that learning from Frank is one of the best chances to find peace of mind, confidence, as well as learn specific skills for achieving success in different areas of your life.

What do Frank’s students say?

Why online education will be in demand even among those who have never attended any courses before.

The crisis is just beginning. Only the best will remain on the market. The time has come for each of us to become smarter and more efficient.


Even in personal relationships, everyone strives to choose the best partner. It’s even more true with business and career. Do you want to succeed in business or keep your job? You’ll have to think and act differently than before.

Reach out for the best

Online you can communicate with people who are thousands of kilometers away from you. This allows you to learn from the best of the best in their fields, and not from those who just happened to be around.


On the example of Frank Pucelik. His 12-day OFFLINE program costs 100 thousand rubles. The same basic skills can be obtained in our Frank Meta Games training programs for 15-20 thousand. The difference is obvious.

Where to begin as a new partner

  1. Activate the Business package and start using the product

    For those who are starting to work with an affiliate program for the first time or have never collaborated with network companies, we recommend the Bronze and Silver packages. For people with experience, the Gold and Platinum packages will definitely be suitable.

  2. Use the partner education system. Explore the reward system

    There you will find all the answers to your questions, including recommendations and tips on what to do to develop this business most successfully.

  3. Set goals, start recommending online courses and referring partners

    How much do you want to earn, in what time and why is it important to you? What needs to be done to create such an income here? Formulate the answers to these questions for yourself and take action. Make sure that you are together with the team at the events.

Choose your starting Partner package

Participation packages
Personal account with an option to invite partners and clients
Full access to the partner education system
Access to the private partner communities on social media
Access to modules
in any Frank Pucelik’s educational programs
1 3 All All
All the bonuses in ‘self-repayment’ pack (referral, binary, matching, quick start, leader start)
% from personal product recommendations Basic Elevated Elevated Absolute
Limit on income from clicks 500$ per week 1500$ per week 3500$ per week 8000$ per week
All the business packages
in binary structure
of higher than your package level
count as
Bronze Level
Silver Level Gold Level Unlimited
Reward for your team’s product recommendations
Tourism bonus
Leadership bonus for career achievements
Special leadership training by Frank
Personal brand development training on Instagram and YouTube
Participation in one of three additional training programs by Frank during the year
Auto bonus
Real estate bonus
Award for honorary statuses
Activate Activate Activate Activate

More Frequently
Asked Questions

A PDF file with a description of the reward system, as well as its brief overview, are available inside the Demo package. A detailed analysis and answers to questions are available within the main partner training system after activating the Business package.
The personal account will be available automatically after activating the Demo or Business package. Additionally, an email with a login link will be sent to your email address.
You will receive a detailed answer while studying the reward system. There are different strategies, you can choose and combine as it is more convenient for you. You can focus on attracting students to online courses. You can focus on team development. Unfortunately, it is impossible to give a simple answer to this question without elaborating on the details. You need to study the system and then the questions will disappear.
It depends on your social circle and how you present yourself in it. People will always have something good or bad to say.
Money can be credited instantly and you can earn money from day one. Withdrawal of funds is available to partners once a week. Some types of rewards can only be withdrawn once a month.
One Planet Club is registered in the United States. As a partner, you must pay income taxes on your own in accordance with the laws of the country where you live (or where you are a tax resident).
We are happy to answer once again this popular question. First, we, as a company, sell our online courses ourselves. The money goes to our bank account. Partners do not sell anything, they only “drive traffic” through their unique referral link. Secondly, the partner just needs to be interested in the product in order to successfully recommend it. An automatic sales funnel (a series of pages, videos and letters) provides a potential student with detailed information about the product. This means that partners are not required to become a salesperson or a product consultant. Thirdly, in our business system, of course, there are elements from network marketing - a multi-level reward system, a training system and a system of events. But this is simply a significant plus for you as a partner, because it makes it easier for you to do business. Any franchise also has its own system of work. When you activate the Business package, you will receive just such a system of work along with access to our online courses. The benefit is obvious - anyone can successfully cooperate with you, even without previous experience of working via the Internet.
You need to help promote online courses that One Planet Club creates through personal recommendations and through the development of our own partner network (team). Refer a student once and you will receive % from all their future purchases. The same applies to students who will be brought by your future partners for 11 tiers of partners in depth.

You can use any tools and techniques that do not mislead anyone and do not tarnish the company's reputation.

If you do not have experience, then within the training system we will offer you several strategies for achieving success and will support you in the process of their implementation.

Our recommendation is to devote 10% of the time to self-development (classes on Frank Pucelik's online courses and within the partner training system), 10% of the time to personal product recommendations and 80% of the time to the development of your team - to invite new partners and help them earn money here.
On one hand, you don't know in advance and you have to try or start. On the other hand, ask yourself the question: "What is the alternative?" There are usually two of them. You can refuse and leave everything unchanged, as it is right now. But will you be happy with this decision after a couple of years? Or you can choose some other type of activity. Then compare several parameters: the price of entry, the ability to do business from anywhere in the world, the training system, or a mentor who will tell you what to do. For example, to become a manicurist, you would have to take paid courses and buy tools. This is also a kind of “entry price” into the profession. The difference lies in how promising a particular profession is. Our advice is to at least activate the Demo package to figure it out and attend the Friday Q&A meeting. Then make an informed decision.

Interested in the opportunity, but not 100% sure?
Here is the best solution

For those who are not yet sure whether working with One Planet Club is right for them, we have created a partner Demo package. This is a set of introductory lessons on how the system works and what you need to do to succeed. Start with a Demo package.

Any questions? Feel free to ask the person who told you the possibility of One Planet Club cooperation with.