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Place where you become better. Discover other cultures, meet new friends from all over the world, develop useful life skills and, if you want, earn with us online by becoming opinion leader.

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Are you sure that people outside your country are so much different from you? We are not :) Let's check it out together.

What is their daily life, habits, interests, events, education and values. What they eat, listen, want and hear?

Let's start with Russia now

What we develop One planet club for

There are so much reasons and triggers nowadays for being disconnected or even hostile to each other for the people from different countries and nations. We in One Planet Club are strongly believe that there are much more reasons to respect each other, hold communication and support initiatives, share what good we have between each other.

We are hope to contribute to cross nation culture dialogue, each participant skills development and equal opportunities for well being. We believe that by these activities together we could make the world better and safer place for life. And not only for us now, but for our children in the future also. Join our community at social media and to online educational programs.

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Join our russian speaking online club
There is not much so good ways to discover some country culture as to learn their language. Some of speaking club members already studying Russian for getting high education or for some business purposes.

But even if you are a fully beginner we are welcome you in our online russian speaking club. You will definitely find some new interesting connections and may be friends, or even meet love as they say.